Petrichor TileWorks

Hello. Thank you for visiting us. We are Petrichor Tileworks. I am Kerstin Gustafson, sculptor and designer. We operate out of a little store front in South Minneapolis. The windows are big and sunny and when the Minnesota winter is cold, the kilns keep us warm.
Designs are hand drawn using a pencil, paper and a ruler. Drawings are made into a sculpted mold which we use to press our wet clay. The result is a single tile ready to dry, fire, glaze and fire again for a finished piece.

At Petrichor Tileworks we labor over how to make your environment an experience. The earthen clay material, subjected to tremendous heat until it becomes vitrified, is a built in feature of a room and remains long after the rugs, furniture and draperies have been replaced. With this always in mind, our goal is to design our sculpted tile and layouts to also be so handsome that the look and aesthetic of the installation holds the same inherent timelessness as the solid material it is made from.

My career began in 2001 when I was hired on by a large scale handmade tile company as their sculptor. I was immediately immersed in the trade and fell in love with the craft. This work allowed me to use many skills; Design/drawing, sculpting, painting and client communication. I was often asked to reproduce historical tile. This exercise expanded my techniques and understanding, teaching me rules that I would later break. 

With a bittersweet heart I left tile work to pursue a life of parenthood. The struggles and the glory of having children have made me better at my work. I would not be able to accept this adventure, had my spouse and girls not fully supported me.

Through my years of experience I began to recognize that I too had my own vision. I felt a magnetism to create new designs that could visually benefit our modern world. Hence, Petrichor Tileworks. I am lucky to have the gracious support of two bright and caring business partners, Tom Wozniak and Liz Liddiard Wozniak. We have also brought in a good friend Tiffany Larkin Wolff, who lends her talent to me in the areas of photography, technology, thought editor and design critic. Angelena is our part time employee. She brings her hand/ eye skill to help press and glaze tile.

Pricing is unique to every project but begins at approximately $160 per square foot.

    4209 east 54th street
minneapolis, minnesota